How to write a compound inequality from a word problem

This short tutorial shows how to write and solve inequality from a given word problem. Common Core State Standard 6.EE.8

2.7: Solve Compound Inequalities

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Compound inequalities examples

Write an inequality representing the possible amount of money you could get. answer choices 40 < m < 50 40 ≤ m < 50 40 ≤ m ≤ 50 40 < m ≤ 50 Question 9 120 seconds Q. Every tiger, can eat 15% to 25% of his bodyweight, each week

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How Do You Solve a Word Problem Using an AND

The solution to a compound inequality containing the word or is the union of the solution sets. This means that the solution sets will not overlap or intersect. We will be uniting the solution sets instead. Let's take a look at a graph for a better

Compound Inequalities

Method 1: The given compound inequality is -2 < 2x - 3 < 5. Adding 3 on all the sides, -2 + 3 < 2x - 3 + 3 < 5 + 3 1 < 2x < 8 Dividing all the sides by 2, 1/2 < 2x/2 < 8/2 1/2 < x < 4. Hence, the direct

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Compound Inequalities Word Probems

Here are the possible inequality equations for this number line: x > 6 x ≤ 10 Or in other words, the variable ‘x’ is greater than 6 and less than or equal to 10. You could also write