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Ukraine visit

The Foundation already heard of an orphanage in Ukraine for war orphans, where 33 children are being cared for in tough conditions. They now have a safe home far away from the war zone of Eastern Ukraine where we understand many of the children are from. These children have no parents nor relatives to look after them and desperately need help.

The Foundation made a donation to the orphanage and in future will be looking to put sport high on the agenda to help motivate the children to a better and happier life.

Alan Sokolowski, one of the founders of the Paul Canoville foundation, travelled at his own cost to Ukraine in April, and before the trip Alan and his wife Hely managed to collect 3 full suitcases of warm children’s clothes and soft toys as donations from friends and family to take to the orphanage. Alan’s wife is from Finland and she persuaded her relatives to have a have clear out their children’s wardrobes (children dress warm in Finland as the have cold winters) so we had a great start. Donations were also received from many friends in the UK and Norway, and some friends donated brand new clothes as they did not have young children any more. Alan’s daughter donated her old pink lap top computer which was extremely well received by the children on the day of the visit.

Alan paid out of his own pocket for all the costs on his first visit to the orphanage in April so no expense was made to the Foundation apart from the donation which was given to the orphanage – One reason for the visit was to check the validity of the project and to get a first hand view of what was needed and if the foundation can assist further at a later stage – The journey to deliver the donations went via Warsaw Poland to Lvov Ukraine, which took several hours and waiting in imports for connecting flights and then, on the following day, a 2 hour car journey to Franco Ivanovits and back to Lvov after.

Alan travelled to Lviv on 12th April to hand deliver and he felt that he needed to find out more of the needs of these children, so we as a Foundation can do our bit further, once we know what are the key areas of assistance.

When Alan arrived in Lviv he arranged for nearly 60 kgs of clothing/toys to be taken to the orphanage the following day and also gave a further donation from the Sokolowski family.

When Alan arrived the orphanage greeted Alan with open arms by the nuns who run the orphanage and thanked the Foundation for its generous support. The children over 6 were at school but the under children 6 sang to Alan as a thank you – it was very moving a brought a tear to Alan’s eye when the kids were given the second hand toys and we’re thrilled at their new toys!!

Alan was allowed to take pictures Alan but feels that they should be not posted to protect their identity as but here are some of the pictures of the rooms and the nuns greeting Alan

It was humbling for Alan to do this trip and even a local Vasyl Horodoskiy drove at his own cost to assist in getting Alan and the donations to St Nicholas House of Mercy and he even helped breaking the language barrier as Alan speaks no Ukrainian.

Watch this space for further updates – we need your support – like these kids need ours!

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