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Trends Utd FC

Our new sponsored football team is called Trends United FC for a reason;

TRENDS stands for


Our club is called Trends United FC, we believe that the impossible is achievable, this is also our motto and is on our badge, we transfer this to our children, to hold on to their dreams and believe that it is achievable with hard work and determination. Our name Trends stands for Teamwork, respect, education, negotiation, determination and social. Through football we teach life skills that we hope to empower them to be successful people.

We build confidence and help those who have low-self-esteem, as we recognize and understand the power of teamwork and feeling of belonging to something good, this why we do not have a starting 11 every child that we sign and comes to training has a right to play, if they turn up to the game on time they play. If a child lacks technically then we help them to advance during training. We take advantage of the roll on roll off system in grassroots. Our club keeps children off the streets and out of gangs as we realize that they have a hard battle.

Trends United FC is a multicultural club where we respect each other’s culture and faiths. We help support our children in further education as this is very important as knowledge is power. We have a link to a football 6th form for those who wish to continue in football and gain a pro contract or go to university and pursue a career in sports whether it be sports nutrition or sports science. With the younger children, we have links to other professional clubs who we come and have a look at players and give them an opportunity to join their development groups in the hope of advancing to their academies. As a club, we spend time also looking for other course that our teen players to participate in. During the summer before the season 2016-17 started we placed 7 of our players on a referee course and I got in contact with the head ref of the hackney league and was able to give them opportunity to ref on a Saturday in the Hackney Marshes league through him.

We want to give players within our club who do not want to proceed in a career in football but still -want to part in our club the opportunity to become trained and qualified coaches within our club. We do a lot of fitness and we know this will help sustained them when they get scouted also to keep the obesity levels down. We also have nutritional diaries available for the players who want it even though we encourage them to take one, as it encourages them to think about what they are putting in their bodies and the effects it will have on them.

As a club, we interact with parents and have a positive relationship with them as we believe that it takes a community to raise a child, and the more support that we give each over other the better the future for our children.

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