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Paul Canoville Foundation Presents to Syracuse University Students

Paul Canoville today presented a workshop to Syracuse University students studying UK sports for a semester in London exploring his career, life story and the work of the Paul Canoville Foundation.

The workshop focused on excerpts from the 'Black and Blue' documentary that follows Pauls story, alongside anecdotes and stories from Pauls time as a footballer with Chelsea FC and Reading FC, and his life after football including his struggles with substance misuse and cancer. The programme finished on an uplifting note of the work the Foundation currently delivers to young people across London.

Students were then given an opportunity to question Paul on his life in football, how the game and the industry has developed and his current work with Chelsea FC on matchdays.

Syracuse University students are a regular part of the London academic landscape, with groups hosted twice a year to study sports in the UK as part of a wider degree course. We hope this first workshop will form an ongoing relationship between the Paul Canoville Foundation and Syracuse University in London, and we wish the students all the best with their ongoing endeavours.

Many thanks to the team at Tactic Connect for providing us with this opportunity.

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