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Helping the homeless

The Foundation get involved in a number of homeless initiatives as this is an issue extremely close to our founders’ heart.

One example, was in October 2016, when we went to Stratford to assist our friend Emdad Rahman & his Soup Kitchen.

Emdad said, “By and large, people don’t choose to be homeless – they find themselves sleeping on the street because they are facing a major crisis that means they’ve ended up with nowhere else to stay”

The weather did not favour anyone as it was pouring down with rain. This was an experience Paul knows far too well from being homeless in his youth. The memories started flooding back and it reminded him of how difficult it was to know when his next meal was coming.

As soon as the table was set up, the pots had arrived full of hot food & bottles of water was laid out. Within no time the table was surrounded as Paul was given the task of filling the plastic bowls with delicious vegan food. In under an hour the pots were emptied as the homeless had been satisfied & fed.

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