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After undergoing life threatening surgery a few weeks ago for a life altering condition, I wasn't sure I'd be able to attend this prestigious event. Since being discharged from hospital, I've been on a slow, but steady road to recovery, to increase my mobility though walks & leg strengthening exercises. Which on the best of days can be draining & challenging. I get out of breath quickly, my legs tire, ache & can leave me feeling exhausted.

But, yesterday evening, God kept me holding firm.

How could I not attend!?!

It was with sheer will & the zeal of wanting to be at this ceremony to show my support to two gentlemen & the Founding Fathers of The Black List Awards, namely LEON MANN & RODNEY HINES. Both of whom, have not only given me unconditional support, but also toil tirelessly alongside Chris Ramsey & Lord Herman Ousley, Chair of KICK IT OUT whose combined efforts, have made previous BLACK LIST AWARDS happen.

To see the recognition of my peers achievements & to see how far diversity in 'FOOTBALL' has gone - (though still a way to go) is heartwarming.

But the surprise was yet to come, I was almost lost for words when it was announced that I was 1 of 3 winners of the prestigious KEITH ALEXANDER Award.

Alongside, CYRILLE REGIS, YANNICK BOLASIE (known as Yankkey ex Arsenal ladies football team) was YOURS TRULY! Paul Canoville. Presented by SIR LES FERDINAND A TOTALLY UNEXPECTED & HUMBLING SURPRISE - A BIG THANK YOU to all those who nominated me.

Also to Smithie Smitt for getting me there & back - CHEERS And last, but by no means least to, Ja'qui Alleyne & George Cecil Linton-Salmon. For giving me your support - 'bless' 🙏🏾 & for all those that thanked me yesterday nite

A humbled Canners.


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