Paul Canoville Foundation

Building positive futures

The Paul Canoville Foundation, a registered charity established in May 2015, draws on the life story, experiences and commitment of our Founder to support young people in overcoming adversity. Our mission is to give young people the skills and support they need to build resilience and inspire and equip them to overcome lifes’ challenges and build a better future.

Our programme of work has four clear components to help us deliver our mission in the heart of communities across London and the UK:


We use sport, and football in particular, to engage young people in deprived communities in positive activities at key times, and our coaches provide support and guidance within that setting. Young people are engaged in the programme through our own outreach and promotional activities, through self-referral or through referral by specialist agencies such as schools and mental health agencies.


We provide workshops, mentoring and training to support young people in developing life skills, problem solving skills and resilience to build their ability to overcome challenges and build a future through education, training and employment.


We deliver motivational workshops and events with Paul Canoville to inspire young people and demonstrate how others have overcome adversity.


We work with partner agencies to develop training programmes and build a network of peer role models and volunteers to provide support services in the heart of their own community.

Our Projects

"Listen to your inner spirit, I'm sure it's saying: Don't give up! Be your own hero, you know you can do it. All you have to do is BELIEVE!"